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Some know it as Summer Bay and others refer to it simply as the Northern Beaches. As you twist and turn through the bends, there is no going back. Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in the ultimate coastal lifestyle.

It’s the type of place that you will fantasize about moving to, or one day the location of your dream holiday home.

The Northern Beaches is a touch of old school beach town sprinkled with upper class glam. The perfect duo for a holiday destination.

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Avalon Beach Cottage
Quaint, fresh, amazing location and perfect for a family of 4.

Avalon Barn Hotel
Within walking distance to Avalon beach and shops, the barn is V. Cool! @avalonbarnhotel

Palma Palm Beach
Opposite the Ferry wharf and Snapperman Beach, this beachside cottage is oh so stylish

Barrenjoey House
A great boutique hotel option opposite heavenly Pittwater. Perfect for a couple of nights with your loverrr.

Barrenjoey Villa
This one is a treat. Resting on the edge of Pittwater, this property is the ideal setting for sunsets and frolicking in the water.

Jonahs Whale Beach
The ultimate in hotel accommodation. Very special.

Lily Pad Palm Beach
And it peaks right here. Complete solitude.

Bungalow on Sunrise
Think old Hollywood glamour. Perched on a hill, overlooking Palm Beach this festoon lit property will get you in the swing of a great family holiday.

A charming two bedroom cottage in the most picturesque location of Careel Bay.

The Little Black Shack
Off the beaten track and across the water way is Great Mackeral Beach. If you want seclusion, privacy and the sound of the lapping waves this one will certainly do.

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