5 of the best things to do in Byron Bay.



Nestled in the far North Eastern corner of New South Wales is Byron Bay, a real – and luckily not imagined - utopia where everything is indeed perfect.

This is the playground of every boho-chic-yuppie- surfer who wants to unplug, pay homage to their inner selves, and adorn their bodies with organic linen.

Byron Bay is, to put it simply, heaven on earth. This coastal beach town is a blend of world class food, designer accommodation, hippie-luxe boutiques, unbeatable surf breaks, and breath-taking vistas. From the hinterland to the shores, Byron is every bit cool as it is tranquil.

There is so much on offer in Byron Bay.

Here are 5 of the best in Byron, according to Roam:


EAT @ Bang Bang

This is the sound of your heart beating through your linen as you take your first bite (or sip) at this South East Asian establishment. Old world surroundings, sticky braised  beef ribs, and anything with kaffir lime are a recipe for success.


SIP @ Locura

When a late-night bar meets kombucha injected cocktails paired with tapas, you know it will be a late (but healthy-ish night). Open air deck, amazing live toons...you won’t see your pillow before 3am. Mic drop.


PLAY @ Zephyr Horses

This unique horse ranch in Byron offers a once in a lifetime experience. Channel Darryl Braithwaite and gallop
along the sandy shores through the rainforest or across farmyards. This one is catering for the whole family.


SLEEP @ Raes on Wategos

A beachfront boutique hotel that rests on the shores of Wategos. Secluded, intimate and dreamy, this Spanish-esque villa celebrates linen, travertine and stunning archways.


SHOP @ Marr-Kett

Where old and new come to play. A curated collection of local and global homewares they will make your heart skip a beat.

If you are looking for more, check out the Roam Byron Bay guide for a curated list of where to eat, sip, shop, play and sleep. Once you have been, Byron is one of those destinations that never leave your soul: you will be forever captured.


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