Byron Bay Travel Guide


A curated list of where to eat, sip, shop, play and sleep in Byron Bay and surrounding areas

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Nestled in the far North Eastern corner of New South Wales is Byron Bay, a real – and luckily not imagined – utopia where everything is indeed perfect.

Byron Bay is, to put it simply, heaven on earth. This coastal beach town is a blend of world class food, designer accommodation, hippie-luxe boutiques, unbeatable surf breaks, and breath-taking vistas. From the hinterland to the shores, Byron is every bit cool as it is tranquil.

These days, Byron’s boundaries are gloriously expanding: the famous beach-side town is no longer the only locus of all that is utopic; from Newrybar up to Brunswick Heads, there are gems dotted along the coastline, each shimmering in its own sublime and incandescently unique way.

Once you have been, Byron is one of those destinations that never leave your soul: you will be forever captured.


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